Did you know...


88% of home purchasers have found their home on the internet before finding their agent? Hire an agent that is internet savvy when listing your home.


40% of buyers come from out-of-town in the Northwest corner! Choose an agency that is skilled to tap this market when listing your home. A full-time agent is set up for relocations, referrals, and are national as well as international.


Being trained by the third largest firm in the area, I can sell homes with products and services like no other. Select an agent who is using these products and services. Not all agents are equal even within the same company.


Interviewing is very important when selecting your agent. Locate 3 active, full-time agents and see what makes them different...


Did you know...


Your electrical panel box needs to be at least 100 amps with breakers for a potential buyer to get the home owners insurance they need.


There are 4 types of bugs that can invade your home unaware; termites, carpenter bees, carpenters ants, and powder post beetles.


Govt. based loans have lowered their criteria and strict guidelines making it easier for buyer and seller to move forward.


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